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Golden tea is an innovative project where people get real money at home.
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Surf to earn money OR Get traffic exchange for your websites
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Paypal is international online bank!
PayPal company has over 98 million active accounts in 190 countries.
Paypal is a market leader in online payments,
Enables any individual or business to send and receive money,
Simply and quickly payments convenient,
Secure and inexpensive.

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Payza is a online bank (payment system)!
Buy or sell online,
Get or send money with 21 currencies in the world,
Buy Bitcoins,
Convert a currency to an other,
Have multiple currencies in your account,
Transfer money on your bank account (SEPA) Personel or business account.

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Payoneer is a payment system like Paypal and Payza!
Refer your friends on Payoneer and get $ 25 for each referral.
Get your FREE Mastercard in 15 days.
Buy in the physical store.
Buy in virtual stores (e-commerce sites).
Management from abroad.
Possibility to get paid by many sites.

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